28th May 2019

Take your #NewUnionFlag selfie!

Our current theme at Peace Hub ‘Be the Friendly Face of Brum‘ is all about celebrating and welcoming refugees into our community.

As part of the theme, we’re delighted to be displaying the New Union Flag in our window.  It’s been designed by artist Gil Mualem Doron as a celebration of our diversity.

The flag is made up of traditional fabrics used by different people who have found sanctuary in the UK.  It also features boats made from j-cloth to suggest the difficult journeys people have made.  Gil has even suggested that the flag be made the official flag of the UK!

As visually striking as it is, the New Union Flag is not just here to look pretty.  It aims to spark a conversation about our shared future – and you can help spread that discussion.  Pop by Peace Hub to take a photo with the flag (we even have mini flags you can pose with!) and spread the word on social media with the hashtag #NewUnionFlag.  Our coordinator Pete has modelled for an example above 😉

While you’re here, why not grab a cuppa and have a chat about Be the Friendly Face of Brum, and other ways you can take part?

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