27th February 2019

Let’s make our economy work for everyone!

We’re pleased to announce a return to one of our enduring themes, for March & April 2019 at Peace Hub:

Think Global, Act Local & Get Equal!

  • By thinking global we can take on international tax-avoiders and support a more ethical approach to banking around the world.
  • By acting local we can make sure the benefits of the economy are shared amongst everyone, and support things that are actually useful to people.
  • By getting equal we can improve the things we really care about: health, education, quality of life.

Drop in for a friendly chat about how closing the gap between rich & poor will benefit us all.  Or join our workshop with Ethical Money Churches to explore the topic in more depth.

Pop into Peace Hub throughout March & April 2019 to:

  • Find out more & have your say
  • Pledge to make your money work for good
  • Join our ethical money workshop

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