19th December 2018

New Theme for 2019: Our Shared Environment

Photo: Takver CC BY SA 2.0

We’re pleased to announce that our first theme of 2019 will be: Our Shared Environment: let’s celebrate & protect the places we love.

Our local environment is something we can all share and enjoy together.  But the spaces we love are under threat from issues such as fracking, air pollution, and loss of green spaces.  Together we can take action to protect and improve our shared environment.

And by supporting others around the world to do the same, our efforts can add up to face the challenges of climate change. 

The latest UN climate talks have just come to a close in Poland.  There had been fears that divisive global figures might wreck the Paris Climate Agreement, made in 2015.  So there was relief that a rulebook was agreed for implementing the ambitious targets of Paris, which balanced the voices of diverse countries.

“From now on my five priorities will be: ambition, ambition, ambition, ambition and ambition.”

Antonio Guterres, UN General Secretary

However, many environmental groups had a more pessimistic view, noting that countries are still being too slow to act.  It’s important that we all help to keep the pressure on governments to stick to the promises they’ve made, and quickly.

Pop into Peace Hub, throughout January & February 2019 to:

  • Find out more & have your say
  • Add a local place you love to our interactive map
  • Sign the Friends of the Earth petition on fracking

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