2nd November 2018

Join us in Taking a Stand!

We’re plead to announce that our theme for November & December 2018 is ‘Taking a Stand‘.

100 years on from WWI, let’s say: Never Again and instead build peace & justice.

During WWI, pacifists refused to kill, and helped to establish the right to conscientious objection in British law.  Other people felt the only option was to join up and fight.

We believe that the best way to honour all of these people is to say ‘Never Again’ and instead to work for peace and justice.

Around the world, efforts to make peace often bring activists into conflict with the authorities.  Many people are still put in prison for standing up for their beliefs today, like Loujain al-Hathloul, a human rights defender from Saudi Arabia.

By supporting people to peacefully stand up for human rights and social justice, we strengthen these rights for everybody,

Let’s support people to take a stand for what they believe.

Pop into Peace Hub, throughout November & December

  • Find out more
  • Share what you believe in
  • Sign the petition to free Loujain
  • See the beautiful Peace Poppy Mosaics (pictured above)

You can also join Central England Quakers on Armistice Day (Sunday 11th November) 2:30-3:30pm in the grounds of St Philip’s Cathedral, for an open meeting for worship to remember all those affected by war, and to reflect on our commitment to peace.

Plus, a quick reminder that white poppies are on sale at the Hub.

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