14th September 2018

Take Action for Sustainable Food

Image: USDA CC BY 2.0

Our theme Grub’s Up is all about making our food more sustainable.  There are simple changes we can make in our own lives, but big changes are also needed in our food production systems.

As the UK prepares to seek new trade deals around the world, our politicians need to make a choice: put sustainability at the heart of our food system, or bow to pressure from factory-farm lobbying.

Although there’s much room for improvement, the UK currently has had relatively high environmental standards for food.  However, when negotiating, politicians may be tempted to weaken these standards in exchange for cheaper imports and/or lower export tariffs.  The Trade Bill currently being debated will govern how future trade deals are scrutinised (or not) by parliament and the public.

The Sustain Alliance have produced 3 principles for future trade deals, that should be written into the Trade Bill.

Trade deals should:

  • focus on safe, high quality, healthy food, fit to be served in public institutions like schools and hospitals;
  • be good for people, the planet and animals;
  • be fair to people in developing countries and support global goals on things like climate change.

Early drafts of the bill gave people very little say in new trade deals – either directly, or through their MPs – and amendments to change this were voted down.  The House of Lords is currently making suggestions to amend the bill, and MPs will have a chance to vote on these amendments later in the autumn.

Pop into Peace Hub to find out more, and send a letter to your MP, asking them to support sustainable trade.

You can also download a copy of the letter to edit and send.

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