5th September 2018

Grub’s Up: Join Us!

Image: USDA CC BY 2.0

We’re pleased to announced that for September & October 2018, we’re returning to one of our early peace & jutsice themes:

Grub’s Up: Let’s make our food sustainable.

More and more of our food is coming from ‘factory’ farms – warehouses crammed with livestock, or vast mono-crop plantations.

This factory farming is damaging our health and  environment, increasing inequality and harming animals. But there is another way:

  • By supporting small-scale sustainable farms we can have fair, affordable food for everyone.
  • By thinking about what we eat, we can start to support these sustainable farms.
  • By putting sustainability at the heart of future trade deals, we can help these farms to thrive.

Let’s work together to ensure fair food for all!

Pop into Peace Hub throughout September & October 2018 to:

  • Find out more about factory farming
  • Get tips on how to eat sustainably
  • Take action for sustainable trade

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