24th April 2018

Coming soon: Speak, Listen, Change

Starting Tuesday 1st May, our new theme will be ‘Speak, Listen, Change: let’s support each other’s mental wellbeing’.  Here’s a sneak preview:

1 in 4 people experience a mental health problem each year, and our attitude can affect their life.

  • By speaking openly about mental health we can challenge stigma;
  • By listening deeply to other’s experiences we can create a supportive environment;
  • By changing our attitudes we can look after our own and each other’s mental wellbeing.

Sometimes it’s as simple as asking a friend ‘how are you?’ and really listening to the answer.

Pop into Peace Hub throughout May & June 2018 to

  • Read personal stories
  • Get tips for holding positive conversations about mental health
  • Sign an action card for fair support

And for the rest of this week, it’s your last chance to join in with our Peaceful Brum theme: pop in to share small acts of kindness.

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