12th January 2018

Take Action for Tax Justice

Image: Methodist Tax Justice Network.

Paying tax doesn’t sound very exciting. But taxes pay for schools and hospitals and roads and lots of other things we all use and value.

In a fair tax system, the richest (who can afford the most) should contribute the most: that would be ‘Tax Justice’. But super-rich individuals and companies use loopholes to get out of paying some of the tax they owe, by hiding money in tax havens, like Luxemburg, the British Virgin Islands, or Delaware state in the US.

Using these loopholes is technically legal, but it isn’t fair: around £20bn a year is lost this way. The government could do more to close the loopholes, and make sure companies pay their fair share.

Meanwhile, companies that do pay their fair share can register for the fair tax mark. Look out for the mark (left) to support businesses that do the right thing.


Join us to take action on Tax Justice!

Methodist Tax Justice Network (MTJN) have highlighted one well-loved company, based here in Birmingham, that have been avoiding paying their fair share of tax: Cadbury.

Quaker John Cadbury started a hot-chocolate café in Birmingham in 1824.  By the end of the century, his sons had built Cadbury’s famous chocolate factory in Bournville.  For many decades the company tried to run itself ethically, in line with the Quaker testimony on truth & integrity.

Sadly, the company is not so ethical today. Cadbury are owned by a multi-national company called Mondelez, who use tax-havens to avoid paying their fair share. In 2015 Mondelez paid absolutely no UK corporation tax at all, despite making profits of £48.5 million.  They did this by shifting their profits to the Channel Islands.

Pop into Peace Hub to sign a letter to Cadbury, asking them to commit to paying their fair share.

The letter has been drafted by MTJN: you can simply sign it and we’ll send it off for you, or you can use it as a template to write something in your own words.

Read more from MTJN about ‘the Dark Side of Cadbury’.


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