9th January 2018

Join us to Think Global, Act Local & Get Equal!

Photo: LinkedIn CC2.0 BY.

Welcome back to Peace Hub for 2018.  We’re excited to announce that our first theme for the year is:

Think Global, Act Local, Get Equal

Equality is better for us all, but large corporations get out of paying their fair share, by hiding their money in tax havens.  Let’s support local independent businesses to keep money circulating around our local economy, and help people to feel they are part of a thriving community.

  • By thinking global we can take on international tax-avoiders and encourage sustainable development around the world.
  • By acting local we can make sure the benefits of the economy are shared amongst everyone, and support things that are actually useful to people.
  • By getting equal we can improve the things we really care about: health, education, quality of life.

So, pop into Peace Hub in January & February 2018 to:

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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