1st November 2017

What Parts of our Local Environment do you Love?

There are many parts of our local environment that we share and enjoy together, but sometimes take for granted.

These spaces that we love are under threat from issues such as air pollution, poor waste management and loss of green spaces: our local environment needs us to stand up for it!  It starts by sharing and celebrating the places we love, so that politicians and poeople in power know that we won’t just sit by and let our shared environment dissapear.

Pop into Peace Hub to share the places that you love on our interactive map.

Some of the places people have already marked on the map include:

  • Barr Beacon
  • The River Rea
  • Mary Stevens Park
  • Handsworth Community Garden
  • The Lickey Hills
  • Sandwell Valley

Is the local space you love missing from our list? Then pop in to tell us!


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