5th July 2017

Update on Make it Fair

Back in February & March many of you took part in our theme on Fairtrade, by signing postcards calling on the UK government to put the principles of Fairtrade into action as the country exits the EU.

Your efforts, along with those of Fairtrade supporters across the country have been a success!

The Fairtrade Foundation reports that the UK government has given assurances that the poorest countries will be able to continue importing goods without expensive tariffs.  They state:

The campaign started with a 50,000-strong petition to the Prime Minister, followed by 5,000 emails to MPs and continued most recently with 38,000 Fairtrade, Traidcraft and Global Citizen supporters asking International Trade Minister Liam Fox to act fast on this issue.

And he has listened. Farmers and workers from 48 of the poorest countries around the world now know they will not face a future £1 billion import tax bill. Instead, they will be able to continue importing the produce we love into the UK duty- and quota-free.

It’s a huge commitment, and it’s all down to you.

Thanks to everyone who signed a postcard, or took part online.

If you’d like to continue taking action, the Fairtrade Foundation’s latest campaign is aimed at Sainsbury’s, asking them to keep their own-brand tea Fairtrade.

And you can always pop into Peace Hub to buy Fairtrade snacks or have a chat about how to get involved.

Peace Hub highlighted this campaign as a positive action that fitted with our Fairtrade theme. It should not be inferred that Traidcraft, Cafod, Christian Aid, the Fairtrade Foundation, Oxfam or Tearfund endorse Peace Hub.

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