21st February 2017

Peacemaker Workshops 2017

Build a team of Junior Peacemakers throughout 2017

We are delighted to be working with Peacemakers to provide workshops for schools again in 2017.

The workshops will help to build a team of Junior Peacemakers in your school.  We will be learning how to make a difference in our school community, and developing the skills that we need including presentation skills and enabling dialogue and debate with our peers.

Our theme for the year will be ‘It’s not fair – How can we make a difference?’ 

We invite schools to send the same team of 4 pupils and 1 teacher to a workshop in the spring term, the summer term and to an event that will bring all the schools together in the autumn term.   This final event will be an opportunity to showcase our ideas to each other and invited guests.  We have capacity for 9 schools to be involved and we ask you to commit to all 3 events.   This is an ideal opportunity for School Council members.  It is also a great opportunity for children who may benefit from the opportunity to build relationships with a small group and a member of staff from their school.

The workshops are now fully booked.  Please email if you would like to join the waiting list.

Children who came to our workshops last year said:

  • I enjoyed finding out a bit more about people I didn’t know
  • Working in school groups and doing a presentation – it built our confidence.
  • I feel empowered.
  • Everyone tried hard and didn’t give up.

Staff said:

  • Children taking a lead and facilitating whole school change is a fantastic example to all members of the school community
  • Working collaboratively – developing critical thinking skills and presentation skills – listening and building on concepts in a team, this will benefit the children who came today.

Dates for Workshop 1 – choose from:  Friday 24th March; Monday 27th March or Monday 3rd April

Dates for Workshop 2 – choose from: Monday 12th June; Friday 16th June; Monday 19th June

Date for final event is Friday 1st December

The workshops are now fully booked.  Please email if you would like to join the waiting list.

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