1st February 2017

Take Action for Fairtrade

Britain’s exit from the European Union is likely to cause big changes in international trade – and for millions of people who trade with us from poor countries, it could be make or break.  They could find themselves squeezed even harder by powerful international competition. Or it could be the moment when the UK starts trading in a way that really benefits them.

Pop into Peace Hub to sign a postcard to your MP, askinging them to put fairness at the heart of our new trade agreements.

The postcards have been produced by Traidcraft (who supply the Fairtrade snacks we sell at Peace Hub) working alongside Cafod, Christian Aid, the Fairtrade Foundation, Oxfam and Tearfund.  Together these organisations are calling on the government to:

  • not rush into free trade agreements with developing countries
  • offer a non-reciprocal preference scheme for imports from economically vulnerable countries [i.e. let the poorest countries import their goods to the UK without charging tariffs, but let them charge tariffs on UK exports, to level the playing field. The EU currently has similar schemes.]
  • make sure free trade agreements with wealthier countries don’t undermine developing country competitors
  • ensure that UK trade and investment policies are compatible with international commitments on the environment, climate change, human rights and the Sustainable Development Goals
  • ensure future trade negotiations are open, transparent and fully accountable to Parliament.

Buying Fairtrade is all about using our individual purchases to give the people who produce our food and other goods a fair deal.  The UK’s current situation is a unique opportunity to put that idea into practice using the purchasing power of our whole nation.

Peace Hub is highlighting this campaign as a positive action that fits with our current theme.  It should not be inferred that Traidcraft, Cafod, Christian Aid, the Fairtrade Foundation, Oxfam or Tearfund endorse Peace Hub.


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