12th January 2017

So who are these Quakers?

Bitesize Quaker Quest

Peace Hub’s commitment to peace & justice comes from our Quaker faith – we welcome people of all faiths and none to the Hub, whilst maintaining our Quaker roots.  So who are these Quakers, and what is their way of life?

Quaker Quest aims to help you find out, in bitesize chunks! We have found that people enquiring about us want to:

  • experience Quaker worship,
  • hear why being a Quaker matters to us,
  • talk to each other and us about it, and
  • get an idea what sort of people we are.

So at a Quaker Quest you’ll have the chance to do all these things.  There are three sessions on consecutive Thursdays, each looking at a different aspect of Quaker faith & practice – feel free to come to one, two or all three of them. Each session will only take half an hour, so  you can pop in during your lunch break.  It’s free and there’s no need to book: simply pop in for 1pm.

Everyone is welcome: all you need to be is open minded and interested.  Do come along: make new discoveries, ask questions, and see if there’s something for you.

Upcoming sessions:

Don’t just take our word for it! This is what some earlier Questers have said about their experience:

  • “Quakers are very inclusive and welcoming.”
  • “There is a wide variety of belief and spirituality; there’s a place for everyone.”
  • “Meeting for worship has been thoughtful and inspiring.”
  • “We are individually responsible for accessing the will of God and living the right way.”
  • “Quakers are more than tolerant of individuality and differences.”

“Probably the best kept spiritual secret in the world.”

Quaker Quests happen at meetings all over Britain – find out more at the national Quaker Quest site.  And you are welcome to pop into Peace Hub during any of our normal opening hours for a chat about the Quaker way of life.

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