8th September 2016

Reminder: Building a Progressive Future event 22nd Sept

A reminder that you are invited to Building a Progressive Future! 5 (draft) Principles.

This free event takes place on 22nd September, 7-9pm at Impact Hub, Digbeth.  All are welcome: simply sign up for free to book your place.

A group of people from across the West Midlands have developed 5 (draft) Principles for a Progressive Future – and would love to hear what you think!

The (draft) Principles are:

  • Enabling Potential
  • Equal Society
  • Participatory Democracy
  • Common Ownership of Resources
  • Environmental Sustainability

Read more about how we developed these principles.

But what do you think of these principles? Can you improve them? How they can be developed into a finished ‘product’ providing the basis for a Progressive alternative to austerity and neoliberalism?

These are the questions that will be addressed on 22 September.  You can also have your say by popping into Peace Hub, and adding a post-it to our feedback board.

So come along, have your say and get involved in Building a Progressive Future!

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