30th August 2016

Coming Soon: Think Global, Act Local, Get Equal

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Throughout September & October 2016 our theme will be Think Global, Act Local, Get Equal: let’s make our economy work for everyone!  Here’s a sneak preview:

More equal societies mean better lives for everyone – but how can we make sure the benefits of the economy get shared out fairly, when globalisation puts money in the hands of the richest?  The answer lies in the old addage: ‘think global, act local’.

By thinking global we can take on international tax-avoiders and encourage sustainable development around the world.  Help celebrate International Peace Day by supporting the Sustainable Development Goals.

By acting local we can make sure the benefits of the economy are shared amongst everyone.  Stand up for a thriving local economy by supporting the Birmingham Pound.

By getting equal we can improve the things we really care about: health, education and quality of life.  Join us for a friendly chat about how closing the gap between rich & poor will benefit us all.

So pop into Peace Hub during September or October to:

  • Find out more
  • Have your say
  • Sign up to support the Birmingham Pound
  • Celebrate International Peace Day: 21st Sept

And you’ve still got this week to take part in Peaceful Brum – including our final peace walk on Wednesday 31st August.

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