14th April 2016

Equal Education for Girls & Boys

Photo: Malala Fund

Across the world, more than 60 million girls are out of school today.  Around half of them will never set foot in a classroom in their lives.

There are many reasons girls do not start or continue their education, including:

  • poverty or cost of schooling,
  • traditions that do not value girls learning,
  • having to drop out to marry,
  • violence in or around school,
  • or there are simply no schools for girls to go to.

Malala Yousafsai is a young activist, standing up for equal education for girls and boys.  Because of her campaigning in Afghanistan, she was targetted and shot by the Taliban.  Luckily Malala survived, and after being treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, completed her education here in Brum.

Now Malala is bringing people together across the world to work for full education for all girls. Her organisation has been supporting young Syrian girls (currently living in the Azraq refugee camp in Jordan) to complete their education –  many are about to sit their university entrance exams, despite the difficult conditions in the camp.

Leila Seradj of the Malala Fund will be visiting the camp this weekend, and delivering a Good Luck card to the girls, which people all over the world have signed – and you can join them by signing online.

Leila says: “They have been studying for this moment for months, inspiring us all with their hope and hard work.  When I visit them, I want to give them a Good Luck card representing support and encouragement from people around the world.”

Send a simple message of solidarity today.  And if this online action has inspired you, reemeber there’s still time to pop into Peace Hub and write a message of support to the Borderfree Street Kids School in Afghanistan.

Peace Hub is promoting this because we feel it is a positive action that fits with our current theme.  It should not be inferred that the Malala Fund endorses Peace Hub in any way.

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