17th March 2016

Live Skype Broadcast with the Afghan Peace Volunteers

Photo: Afghan Peace Volunteers

Monday 21st March & Thursday 21st April

12:30-14:30 at Peace Hub

As part of our Live, Love, Learn theme, we’re sending messages of solidarity to the Afghan Peace Volunteers (APVs) in support of their Borderfree Street Kids school.

As well as these written messages, there’s a chance to share a live connection with the Afghan Peace Volunteers on their Global Days of Listening.

The APVs invite ordinary people everywhere to nurture Borderfree friendships for a world without wars.  Global Days of Listening involve active listening to people around the globe and conversing about each other’s paths of action toward a peaceful world.  These conversations are held on skype, allowing people from all around the world to join in.

We’ll be broadcasting the conversation live on the big screen at Peace Hub on Monday 21st March and Thursday 21st April.  We can listen together, discuss our ideas of peace and education, and pass on a message of solidarity to the APVs and other people working for peace around the world.

No need to book, simply pop along on the day to join in.  We look forward to seeing you there!

The AVPs hold these Global Days of Listening on the 21st of every month – everyone is welcome to listen in online or listen back to previous months’ conversations.

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