10th December 2015

Coming Jan 16: Time to Bin Trident

A sneak preview of out peace & justice theme for Jan & Feb 2016:

Time to Bin Trident

Let’s spend £100 billion on health, housing & renewables: not nuclear weapons.

In early 2016, parliament will vote on whether to renew the Trident system of nuclear weapons.

Costing over £100 billion across 40 years, it will be the biggest spending decision this parliament makes.

Instead, that money could pay for any of these things:

  • Fully fund all A&E services for the next 40 years.
  • Build 1.5 million affordable homes.
  • Enough wind-turbines to power all UK households.
  • Scrap tuition fees for 4 million students.

It’s time to consign Trident to the rubbish bin, and instead focus on peace-building, cooperation and justice.

In Jan & Feb 2016, you can pop into Peace Hub to:

  • Sign the petition
  • Write to your MP
  • Take a #ScrapTrident selfie

Watch this space for more info!

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