3rd September 2015

Fair Footy & Fair FTSE

We need You to be a Ratio Requester!

Almost 500 companies and organisations have published their Pay Gap: the ratio between their highest paid person and average pay. Now Pay Compare are using people power to get big names to join that list: Premiership & Championship football teams and FTSE 100 companies.

Take action today! Pop into Peace Hub to sign one of our letters to ask local teams and companies to publish their Pay Gap.

Why does this matter? As Bill Kerry of the Equality Trust writes:

“Apart from the practical benefits, pay ratio disclosure carries with it huge symbolism. Recognising that the pay of those at the top is connected to those in the middle is no less than a major step towards a more civilised society. Pay ratio disclosure tells the world that people are connected, that we do not – and cannot – live as atoms or islands and that, in essence, we care about each other and how we are all getting on.”

Pay Compare are focussing their attention on top-flight football teams and FTSE100 companies.  Not only are these organisations famous for the extremely high wages their top earners recieve, they’re also high profile – helping to spark a debate about Economic Equality in the UK.

At Peace Hub, we’ve highlighted the two local FTSE100 companies: Severn Trent Water (headquartered in Coventry) and GKN Engineering (headquartered in Redditch), along with the four local Premiership & Championship football teams: Aston Villa, Birmingham City, West Bromwich Albion and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Pop in to sign our letters to each of them, or if you’re on twitter, use the links below to tweet them directly using #FairFooty and #FairFTSE:

Update: Pay Compare have now added #FairCouncil asking local councils to publish their pay ratios.  Tweet Birmingham City Council, or visit the Pay Compare site to contact other West Midlands local authorities.

And you can find details of how to write to other companies and teams across the country at Pay Compare’s site.  There you’ll also find companies and organisations who have already published their pay ratios, so that you can choose to support those who pay fair.


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