27th August 2015

Share the Surplus: a Success!

Many thanks to everyone from Walsall Road Allotments, Knowle Road Allotments and the local Quaker allotment grower who generously donated to Share the Surplus.

On Thursday morning we delivered potatoes, courgettes, marrows and runner beans to Handsworth Welcome, who cooked, served and distributed them ion Friday lunchtime to Asylum Seekers & Refugees.  Allotment growing is a great example of sustainable food in action, but often large quantities of crops ripen at once and are diffiult to use.  So it’s fantastic to be able to make use of locally-grown surplus produce, and use it to support some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

UPDATE: Knowle Road Allotments had been holding onto their crops for an extra week, in order to take part in a local show.  This Tuesday they generously Shared their Surplus via allotment coordinator Clare.  Handsworth Welcome are looking forward to preparing some competition-worthy produce this Friday!

If you’ve been inspired to try your hand at growing, you can find your local allotment via Birmingham And District Allotments Confederation.  And you can support the excellent work of Handsworth Welcome.

Many thanks to Betty, Clare, and everyone who donated at Walsall Road and Knowle Road, local Quaker Wendy, Louise at Handwsorth welcome and our crop-collector Anne, for making this possible.  We hope to  organise some more Share the Surplus collections in future, so if you’re a grower who’s interested, please get in touch.

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