7th July 2015

Share the Surplus

As part of our Grub’s Up! theme, we are bringing together local allotment growers with charitable organisations in Birmingham:

Share the Surplus

Sustainable veggies

Charles Smith CC BY SA 2.0

Allotments are a great example of sustainable food in practice, with local people using spaceto grow simple food for themselves and their friends and family to enjoy.  But it’s the nature of many crops that allotment growers produce to all reach ripeness at once, leaving a glut of vegetables that can be hard to use up.  Peace Hub have joined up with two charitable organisations in Birmingham who provide meals for homeless people and asylum-seekers, and would be very grateful for any donations of surplus crops.

We can to travel to allotments to collect any donations on:

Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th July
Wednesday 26th & Thursday 27th August

Thank you in advance for any crops you can donate.

If you are interested, please get in touch: or 0121 238 2869


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