17th December 2014

Keep Taking Action Against Arms

You’ve got a few days left to pop into Peace Hub and take part in our action against arms sales to repressive regimes.

But if you’ve been inspired to keep resisting the arms trade, there are many ways to stay involved in 2015.

Write a letter to your MP – you can use our template letter as a guide, but the more personalised your letter, the better.  Say why you care about the arms trade and why you want to support those working for peace around the world, who are having UK-made arms turned against them.  But always remember to stay polite!  If you don’t know your MP, makes it easy.

Campaign Against Arms Trade have lots of information on this issue, and regular actions to take.  In 2015, particularly look out for the ‘Arming All Sides’ project (watch this space for more info.)  CAAT also have local groups that you can join, and a national gathering on 21st March 2015.

You can also keep up with the work of the Quaker United Nations Office, as they help governments to put the new UN Arms Trade Treaty into practice.

And at Peace Hub we’ll be archiving materials from every theme in our Resource Centre – from next year you’ll be able to browse and borrow resources when you pop in.  And, of course, we’re always here for a chat about how to get more involved in the peace & justice issues you care about.

Together we can make a difference!

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