Anti-Austerity: But Pro What?

18th Feb 2016, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

at Impact Hub, Digbeth, Birmingham

  • Want to see a fairer society, here in the UK and around the world?

  • Feel like you’re constantly firefighting against things you don’t agree with?

  • Fed up of media and politicians saying there is no credible alternative to austerity?

Then Anti-Austerity: But Pro What? is the event for you! Book Here

It’s a two-part event because the aim is ambitious. It’s a free event but places are limited and registration is required.

Everyone knows about austerity and its effects are all too evident. But austerity is part of a wider approach called Neo-Liberalism* which is based on five very short and easy to understand principles: free markets; small state; low tax; individual liberty; and big defence.

The aim of Anti-Austerity: But Pro What? is to set out a concise, inclusive and easily understandable alternative to neo-liberalism’s five principles.

As opponents of austerity and neoliberalism, we need to do this because

  • we have lots of policy ideas and evidence, and there’s lots of vital single-issue activism, BUT
  • we’ve not set it out in a short, simple, inclusive and collectively understood form.

This will

  • help us work together more effectively
  • Help us talk to others about our views
  • Help us overcome divisions over small points of difference by focusing on bigger points of agreement
  • Give us a stronger collective message which can be more quickly understood
  • Ensure that our diverse campaigning is all pushing in the same direction and supports each other’s efforts

At Anti-Austerity: But Pro What? we’ll…

  • have some great guest speakers who will get us thinking;
  • work in groups to look at principles that guide and express our views;
  • look at other people’s attempts at defining progressive principles;
  • work through a process to set out our concise and easily understandable alternative to neo-liberalism’s five principles;
  • plan next steps.

*Anti-Austerity: But Pro What? is about setting out an alternative to neo-liberalism not talking about the neo-liberal approach itself. Click to view background on our understanding of the problem.

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Impact Hub
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Digbeth, Birmingham
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